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Carassius auratus auratus, fish, underwater, red, orange
fish, red, underwater
fish, coral, yellow, red, blue, underwater
fish, red, underwater
shrimp, red, green, underwater
fish, red, blue, yellow, underwater
marine life, worms, red, purple, underwater
crab, red, green, underwater
crab, red, blue, underwater
plants, red, underwater
blue leopard skin discus, symphysodon aequifaciatus, hemigrammus bleheri, red, green, underwater
arges river, blue, red, summer, sunset, landscapes
ceahlau national park, sunrise, orange, red, gold, summer, landscapes
Pangarati lake, autumn, sunset, red, purple, landscapes
red, green, plants, autumn
red, winter, frost, plants, flower
Botanical Garden, red, yellow, plants, flower
waterlily, plants, red, Botanical Garden,
cat, predator, kitten
starfish, blue, aquatic life, red

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Protected areas:
- Piatra Craiului National Park
- Ceahlau National Park
- Tinovul Luci Nature Reserve
- Tinovul Mohos Nature Reserve
Urban zones:
- Tineretului Park, Bucharest
- Cismigiu Park, Bucharest
- Herastrau Park, Bucharest
- Botanical Garden, Bucharest

- corals
- crabs
- fish
- sea anemones
- shrimps
- birds
- mammals

- flowers
- plants
- trees
- forest
- virgin forest

- spring
- summer
- autumn
- winter

- blue
- green
- yellow
- orange
- red
- pink
- purple

- sepia
- white
- black
- black/white